Thaddius Exume

Cleric of Oriana


Thaddius’ Year Off:

After returning from the great journey in the desert, Thaddius took a few weeks off to relax and do the basic healing work that he originally joined up with the Blackthornes to do. Soon after though, he grew restless and set out with Setah who was searching for information to deal with her disease.

Knowing she had a limited supply and now cut off from the plant used to make it, Setah was constantly seeking a substitute. In the meantime, Thaddius did what he could to help her cope with the pain using his knowledge of traditional medicine and divine magic to help her along.

After travelling among the republics aiding fellow travellers like he once did while helping Setah find any information on her condition he could, Thaddius had a revelation. This was truly the greatest way to honor Oriana. While temples are nice, being the goddess of trade, travel and happiness the greatest way to worship her was to take her grace throughout the land. While Thaddius had spent much of his time as a cleric in this practice, he knew a greater presence would be needed to be successful. The road can be a dangerous place and travel can take you to unknown lands, so how does one ensure they are able to accomplish their mission? It isn’t enough to aid others when there are those who wish nothing but ill upon those they come into contact with. The cleric of Oriana must be able to strike down those who harm and stand against the freedom given by Oriana.

After realizing this, Thaddius spent much time in contemplation and prayer and realized the symbol of this freedom and protection was the holy arrow. Developing a ritual, Thaddius imbued his long trusted longbow with divine power establishing it as a conduit of Oriana’s power. Soon after, he donned the mark of the sun and bow and established the Arrows of Oriana.

Travelling among the temples, Thaddius found few interested in leaving the stable life they had set up and taking on the mission. It became clear that those who had been led down the wrong path were unable to establish themselves in the right ideology so Thaddius sought out new clerics and regular individuals who wished for new purpose.

Over much of the year, Thaddius grew the group into, at the least a well respected, if small mercenary group counting Thaddius 3 full members and 6 in training. Members would join on with trade caravans much as Thaddius had done as guards, healers and spiritual guides. All were tought how to use their connection with the divine to gain mastery of the bow. Notably, not all who joined were clerics. Some were simply former soldiers or those trained in basic combat who were looking for purpose. After training under Thaddius or another member for a time, those in the group would operate autonomously. They offered their services to groups who had the means to hire them, but they did not turn down chances to help others they came across.

During this time, Thaddius worked a number of jobs for a number of merchants across the republics. Some went better than others, but none were anywhere close to as dangerous or grand and the journey to through the Red Wastes. Late in the year, Setah and Thaddius met up with Zinanda once again and joined a trip to Altria. After the journey, a contact in the city from the Blackthornes informed the group that there were plans for another excursion into the wastes. At this chance, they set out back to Riya.


Pre Campaign:

Many would consider Thaddius to have been born with bad luck, but from his perspective the case is exactly opposite.
Thaddius never knew about where he came from or who his parents were. The earliest memories he has are those of scrounging and fighting for his own survival in the slums of Midnah. In a world where no one has anything; the strongest or most influential are in control. Thaddius was neither. Life was a constant struggle getting what he needed to survive as well as keeping it from those who had the ability to take it away. Of particular danger was the gang led by a man known as Axel who through particularly brutal tactics had managed to gain a strong hold over those unfortunatey enough to live in the slums. While those around him learned to fight for themselves or joined up with gangs like Axel’s, Thaddius learned how to keep out of the way and stay safe. As it turned out, these abilities are what kept him alive.
Over time, one area of the city left to the dredges of society continued to get worse and when the crime spread to more respectable areas, the city ceased their ignorant tolerance. Thaddius was 12 at the time when mercenaries were sent in to purge the area. The only ones who survived were the few who had the connections to see it coming, and Thaddius. As soon as the fighting began, he found his way to one of the many hiding spots he had come to learn of when rivals groups had their skirmishes. Usually things died down quickly, but this time the sounds of slaughter continued until sudden complete silence. A small group of clerics was sent to assist those of the assaulters who were approaching death and as it happened one of them was who found the boy. The man, whose name was Jacob Increase took pity upon him and disguised him as one of his acolytes. It wasn’t long before this disguise became the truth. Feeling his rescue was on the level of being dug out of a grave, it was at this time that Thaddius took on the name of Exume.
Thaddius grew up in the cleric’s temple which happened to be to Oriana. While not particularly bright, he managed to very quickly learn and understand the rites and practices of the goddess. Of these included learning to assist and protect the merchants who brought wealth and prosperity to the lands. Included in this was training in basic martial equipment as well as the longbow. While never particularly gifted physically, the use of the weapon of his faith turned out to be second nature and the mastery was almost instant. It is traditional for a cleric to Oriana to take to the roads and travel doing their best to live the life held sacred to the ministry. Some who start their adventuring never return to temple life.
For the last few years Thaddius has been travelling as much as he could aiding others on the road. He has a strong faith that trade is what brings prosperity to the world and has great respect for merchants. Despite coming from a childhood of poverty he saw terrible things as a youth and greatly distrusts the urban poor. This distrust does not extend to the farmers of the land, even if they have little as they work hard and one day will earn a prosperous life.
While Thaddius has found his way in the world, he cannot help but dwell on what happened to him early in life. How did he end up with nothing in one of the worst places in the world? Who were his parents and why was he left alone?
Growing up Thaddius learned the best way to survival was to react quickly and get to safety. This experience has honed his rapid action adrenaline fuled response when tense situations arise.
Thaddius was aided and saved by a cleric of Oriana and raised through adolescance to also become a cleric.
He distrusts the urban poor in spite of or perhaps because of his experience as a young child.
He has great respect for merchants and trade and believes they do great work in bringing prosperity and cooperation to the world.
He is slow to accept new or radical ideas especially if they seem an affront to his ideals.
His ultimate dream is to bring the nations of the various peoples of the world together in cooperation to bring prosperity to all. On a more personal level, Thaddius also seeks to know where he came from and how he ended up in the dire circumstances of his youth.

Thaddius Exume

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