Virio Fiske

Virio Fiske - Adventurer and member of the Fiske merchant family.



Virio – A Year in the Future
After the campaign in the Red Desert, Virio returned home. Sometime after returning home his father asked him to travel to the Dwarven Kingdom to represent the Fiske family in various business dealings.

Journey to the Dwarven Kingdom
Virio travelled to the Dwarven Kingdom together with Zinnanda, and many others from the Fiske family company. Representing his family, Virio engaged in the usual trade talks including orders and an exchange of money and goods. While here, news was received that a band of goblins had recently seized a mine and the dwarves were sending a party in response to deal with the goblins. Virio and Zinnanda tagged along in helping them flush the goblins out of the mine and save any lives that they could. While Zinnanda left earlier to tend to other appointments back in Keryia, Virio continued to conduct business with the dwarves on behalf of his family. After business was concluded he returned home with a specific goal he wished to pursue.

Spirit Quest
After having met with the Rehaz, Virio was inspired by the admiration and respect for their ancestors. Virio was inspired and decided to travel across Keryia in the hopes to find ways to contact his own ancestors. He began research on where to find a place acceptable enough to reach out to his ancestors. Virio travelled to the Kingswood, in Altria, near the Celyian highway where it was known the spirits of the dead would often reside and meditated for many weeks there. While not able to directly communicate, Virio was successful and he could feel strange a connection with his ancestors. This connection was in the form of visions, dreams, soft whispers, and strong feelings that would overcome him whenever he reached a meditative state, but also sometimes abruptly.

Virio Fiske

Virio grew up as a child of Lord Farold Fiske. The Fiske family is a wealthy and reputable family in Riya with some small degree of influence. Virio, from a young age was taught how to wield both the bow and the blade. Virio was also taught the responsibilities, duties and importance of his family’s trade organisation.

When Virio had reached adulthood he set out as a companion and guardsman to the trade caravans and ships of his father’s business. He was exposed to many different cultures throughout these journeys and learned a lot about the world and the day-to-day life of its people. He came to respect not only the rich and nobles of society but also the people at the bottom.

While on a trade mission by Sea from Riya to Senae, Virio’s vessel was attacked and boarded by a large group of pirates. Being outnumbered the captain of the ship surrendered, but not without some of his own sailors getting slaughtered. Virio along with the other sailors were taken as hostages and brought onto the pirate ship. One of the other sailors told the pirates about Virio, and how he was a member of the Fiske family. The pirates planned to ransom him for a large sum of gold.

While the pirate ship was going along the Shimmering coast, Virio managed to get out of his bindings and jumped overboard. He successfully swam to shore and evaded the pirate search party that followed him. He safely returned to Riya where he reported back to his family about what had happened.

Virio re-equipped himself and formed a party, looking for the same ship that had captured him. To no avail, the seas were too large and Virio soon gave up on this endeavor. He decided instead to become an opposing force against the Bandits. Virio has developed a hate for those that steal and plunder, especially the pirates and bandits along the Shimmering coast. And most especially the ones that slaughtered his companions upon his own family’s vessel.

Virio joined The Shimmering Guard, a small organisation dedicated in protecting land and sea trade routes along the coast of the Shimmering Sea. While working under this organisation he acquired the skills in tracking down bandits and pirates. Virio proved to be particularly good at rooting out the unlawful bandits and capturing them (or ending them). He built up a reputation as an effective warrior.


Most of Fiske family lives inside of a large mansion located in Riya.

Lord Farold Fiske.
Virio’s father. He is the head of the rich Merchant family specializing in the trade of weaponry. He has trade agreements with all the Kingdoms including the Elvish and Dwarven, and many mercenary companies.

The Fiske family has a reputation as one of the great Merchant Families in Riya. Their specialty is the trade of high quality and exotic weaponry between the Republics, the Altrian Kingdom and the outer realms (such as the Elven, Dwarven and other Human Kingdoms). They have a large number of sailors and guardsmen in their employment.

Aran Fiske.
Older brother of Virio. The brothers always looked to one-up each other in their times of youth. Their rivalry bonded them together as great friends. Aran lives in Midnah as the Fiske representative, but frequently visits Riya.

Anera Fiske.
The twin sister of Virio. She remains in the Fiske Mansion.

Irmir Fiske.
The Younger brother of Virio Fiske. A young boy eager to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Why has your character gone adventuring?

Virio wishes to go adventuring because he wants to learn more about the world and build up a reputation for himself.

Virio Fiske

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