Altrian Spring

The Dragon and His Man

Another tale by the famous bard, C.S. Lewis

The trek across the glacier was long and arduous, and at night it became apparent the group was not alone: other wild things seemed to live on the glacier, although if they knew of the party then they chose to keep their distance for the time being. Stranger, more worrisome roars could also be heard from time to time, and the party hastened to their destination.

Eventually the village came into sight, and they were relieved to be among intelligent beings one again. Conversations with the frost giants revealed that this world contained many more mysteries than any of them seemed to realize: the giants were happy with their slice of the world and did not often venture beyond its borders, and while they mentioned that Sulnon frequently ventured out to places unknown to them, they had inquired little into his doings there.

The party was interested to learn that even the giants did not know the origin of the ancient structures that dotted the forest to the south, and that they had been there as long as any being seemed to remember. They indicated that they seemed to have some sort of relation to Everfrost, which was primarily found deep in the glacier on top of which their village was situated, and that they had noticed strange disturbances in the energy of the Everfrost of late, which seemed to be coming from the southeast. Suspecting that this may have had something to do with the disruption of the portals, the party set off to investigate.

Upon reaching another cave dug into the side of the glacier, they found a terrifying and majestic sight: a young, but nonetheless adult, white dragon, seemingly in league with or commanded by a strange figure. After some conversation the wyrm attacked, and a fierce fight for their lives barely resulted in the party’s victory. At the climax of the fight it seemed that much of the built up energy in the cave was released, and most of the residual power disappeared, with a mysterious portal having opened in the back of the cave. There was no sign of the mysterious figure. Hearing the roars of wild beasts rushing into the cave, and given their fatigued and wounded state, the party fled, barely dodging lumps of ice hurled at them as they ran.

After a burst of light, they found themselves upon another ancient construction: a half-buried altar of stone and Everfrost seemingly in the middle of nowhere in the forest. Setting off back to the giants’ village, they informed the giants of what had transpired, and as thanks for the information the giants in exchange gave them some of Sulnon’s old writings, although they were untranslated and in a strange tongue. The party accepted them with thanks and left for the portals, finally being able to return home. As they did so they noticed strange behaviour from Edwin’s ring: it seemed this one too had some sort of inherent power which had been activated by their adventures in this realm.



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