Altrian Spring

The Thinning of the Barriers

By one single mom

After Lile’s incursion into the ex-Zhejun outpost, the party warned the more peaceable natives of the fire realm of the increased activity and asked if they knew anything about the changing world around them. The salamanders thanked them but weren’t of much help, and the group decided to consult Sulnon on the matter and about his research into the other elemental realms.

Sulnon seemed rather hesitant to give the group too much more information about his old research, although he indicated that he had discovered at least a portal to an airy realm and hinted that he was surprised the party had not already used the tools available to them to remedy the issue with the thinned barrier between worlds. Setah speculated that the earth portal might be in another ancient ruin—perhaps in fact where Setah had discovered her information on earth magic—and the party left to investigate other ways of weakening the portals. Although nothing they did to the portal itself seemed to be of any help, Zinnanda eventually tried to use her ring on the raging bonfires outside, finding that the ring absorbed much of the raging energy and strengthened the separation between the worlds slightly. Setah also noticed that it now seemed like the ring had some hole in need of filling, and Zinnanda managed to capture a fire elemental in the ring which would accompany her and appear if needed.

The party decided to check on the ice portal to see if similar things were happening in that region, and discovered that it was snowing nearby, thereby indicating that perhaps something wider scale was at work. Heading into the ice world, they spoke once again to Forstojor and discovered that as far as he had noticed there was little change in the ice world itself, so they decided to once again seek the frost giant elders and see what they might learn about the current situation.



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