Getting Started

Campaigns in the world of Erann will use a subset of the Pathfinder ruleset, and in addition will have requirements with regards to character lore.

Rule Restrictions

  • Core Rulebook
  • Advanced Player’s Guide
  • Other rulebooks with GM pre-approval
Banned classes

The following classes are banned for thematic reasons.

  • Druid
  • Paladin
  • Monk
  • Summoner
  • Cavalier
  • Inquisitor
  • Ranger (Heavily discouraged, may be allowed if played without spells/animal companions and a suitable backstory is given pending GM approval)
  • Barbarian (Heavily discouraged due to party coherence, requires GM approval with backstory ideas)
Party Restrictions
  • No more than one member of the party should be able to cast Arcane magic.
  • No more than one member of the party should be able to cast Divine magic.

Traits will be used in the Altrian campaign. Later there may be Campaign Traits, for now there aren’t. Each character gets two traits. Traits should be justified well in the backstory rather than being chosen for stat reasons.


Experience will usually be hand-waved in campaigns: the party will most likely level up as a group and at the GM’s discretion.

Lore Requirements

Party Backstory

The party in campaigns in Altrian Spring will know one another prior to the start of the game. Players are heavily encouraged to write the preliminary aspects of their party backstory together and before they think too much about their specific character designs. By the end of character creation, players should know:

  • What the common history of their characters is.
  • Why their characters are cooperating and travelling in a group.
  • At least three notable experiences their characters shared, with details.
  • What the characters are doing just prior to the start of the campaign.

The party should be believable: for instance, an upstanding noble is unlikely to be travelling with a gang of peasant thieves, and an inquisitor for a church is even less likely to be travelling alongside a witch. The motivations of the characters should be similar enough that they feel like they are working as a group, not as a collection of individuals: obviously characters will have somewhat different ideals and goals, but they should not get into each others’ way too much to run a good campaign.

Character Backstory

Characters in Altrian Spring campaigns should have a substantial backstory. Their character backstory should be submitted to the Characters section of this campaign page as a PC. It should include a main story section, at least 500 words long, and a summary section, which summarizes the noted requirements in one sentence or less per requirement. In the main story section, the requirements need not be explicitly pointed out so long as they are present: it should read as a story, not as a list of items.

  • A brief description of the character’s life from childhood to present.
  • The reason why the character has the two traits that are chosen (mention in summary).
  • The reason that the character is the class they are (mention in summary).
  • At least three beliefs the character holds about the world and their place in it (mention in summary, max 1 sentence each). These beliefs should be specific enough to have an effect on the character’s behaviour in the campaign
  • At least three events (not including party events mentioned above) which helped shape the character into who they are today.
  • At least three NPCs who have some important relationship to the character (name+relation+brief role in summary, should also include their own character page on this site).
  • The character’s personal reason for taking to adventuring.
  • What the character hopes to gain out of being an adventurer (mention in summary).

Getting Started

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