Sulnon's Research in the Ice Realm

This realm is a curious place, and wholly different from the fiery realm with which my colleagues concern themselves. The portals in both realms and in our own world hint at an older power or civilization which predates all of ours, which presumably had some deeper insight into the nature of the worlds and the fabric that joins them than we do now. I suspect that the ancient structures which dot this world are also of their design, and I have devoted my recent search to discovering more about them.

I initially hoped to find more evidence for my theories in the fiery realm, but it became more apparent that the world there was more hostile, and someone—or something—did not want me looking. While I initially defied them, it became clear that one must be humble in the face of some powers, and for any who thinks themself strong there is one out there who can best them. My colleagues are free to risk their own selves to continue research there: I will take the safer and more interesting route.

It seems that the portals in this realm are somehow linked to Everfrost—a mysterious, icy substance mined from the great glacier. It does not exist elsewhere, so that does not explain the portals in other realms: did this civilization originate in this icy realm, or did they merely find a local power to harness to achieve some greater magical designs? I hope to some day find out.

With Fire and Ice I suspect there must be Air and Earth, or something akin to those, found elsewhere. Perhaps there are more as well? I will have to continue my search.

High Wizard of Keriya

Sulnon's Research in the Ice Realm

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